Giggs, Becker, Waugh & Bindra at Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes

Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes in its endeavour to keep perfecting has evolved into a highly credible platform for achievers to share their secret to success. The platform seeks to inspire the audience by bringing together some of the personalities who are known for their quest to keep perfecting every moment in each of their stellar careers. The platform is an innovative and distinguished talk show format event that engages audience in an impactful manner. The next episode of Perfect strokes will feature some of the most exceptional sports legends of the world including Boris Becker, Steve Waugh, Ryan Giggs and Abhinav Bindra on its panel as they came together to discuss their sports, their achievements and their quest for perfection.
Commenting on the occasion, Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President (Marketing), and Pernod Ricard India said “Sport knows no borders and the icons of every sport have admirers raising a toast to their achievement in all corners of the universe. There are some icons we always admire for their lasting impression they leave in their individual fields. We are proud to present the new season of Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes that features four sports icons that have a rare blend of athletic ability and inspirational qualities. We will celebrate the Royal Stag Barrel Select philosophy of ‘Make it Perfect” with these legendary personalities speaking on the art of perfection in their individual sports.”
The riveting discussion at Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes was centered on the art of perfecting  a sport and each  sportsmen spoke about sports, a nation’s aspirations and the perfect sporting legacy. Ryan Giggs, one of the most decorated players in English football history talked about his game and how perfecting his game has been the key focus for him and his team. The man who stands on the legendary pedestal in the world of cricket, Steve Waugh shared his insights on how the Australian team has created a perfect magical amalgamation that has inspired them to keep  enhancingtheir performance with each game. Boris Becker, the ace tennis player talked about his journey to becoming the champion and how immense hard work and consistency  leads to perfection, the formula every achiever applies to be successful. Abhinav Bindra, the ace Indian shooter, spoke about how focus and discipline are the key factors in achieving ones goals.
Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes in its previous seasons explored the art of triumphing in the game of cricket & film making with achievers like Gary Kirsten, Mohinder Amarnath, Sourav Ganguly, Dwayne Bravo, Gautam Gambhir, Raju Hirani, Javed Akhtar, Imtiaz Ali and Tabu. Once again, this new edition of the series will focus on the code of perfecting in sports with legendary sports personalities.