Ryan Giggs reveals four Man Utd players Sir Alex Ferguson never 'had a go at'

Ryan Giggs claims there are four Manchester United legends that never got told off by Sir Alex Ferguson.
Eric Cantona, Bryan Robson, Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo never got Sir Alex Ferguson's infamous hairdryer treatment, according to Ryan Giggs. Ferguson is considered by many as the greatest Manchester United manager of all time thanks to his trophy-laden 27-year stint at Old Trafford.
The Scotsman was a master tactician on the pitch but also knew how to handle his players, regardless of their star power, in the dressing room.
That is where the famous hairdryer treatment came into play that would see the legendary gaffer "have a go" at a player he thinks is not living up to expectations.
But Giggs claims the likes of Cantona, Robson, Keane and Ronaldo never found themselves at the receiving end of Ferguson's signature rant.
The Wales manager explained that Cantona in particular got away with it even after a disappointing performance because Fergie always knew that he would produce something magical in the next match.
Giggs told beIN SPORTS: "It was one of his strengths, handing players and handling different personalities, characters. Whether to have a go at a player or whether to put an arm around a player.
"There were three or four players that he never had a go at. Cantona was one – Bryan Robson, Roy Keane and Cristiano Ronaldo.
"They were all in their own ways match winners. They did the stuff on the pitch, so he never felt [like he had to].
"Eric, there were some games where Eric didn't do anything. He didn't score, he wasn't running about like a [Carlos] Tevez or a Wayne Rooney, he didn't have any impact. But he knew sooner or later he would come good.
"We would be sat in the dressing room thinking he's got to have a go at him, he's got to have a pop at him because he didn't do anything today.
"But the next week he'd score the winner or he would produce a moment of magic so he handled the big names really well as long as they were doing it on the pitch, he handled them in a different way.
"He was a master of psychology, he was a master at getting the best out of certain individuals like whether to put an arm around, or whether to give them a rocket at half time or at the end of the game or leave them out knowing that the player would react in a positive way."
Giggs is one of United's all-time greatest legends as he made a staggering 927 appearances and recorded 161 goals as well as 247 assists throughout his 24-year stint at the club.
The legendary winger also holds the record of most assists in Premier League history as he has created 162 goals in the competition.