Ryan Giggs clarifies rumours he 'pinned Cristiano Ronaldo against a wall' at Man Utd

Ryan Giggs has admitted to handing Cristiano Ronaldo a piece of his mind after an incident at breakfast with Manchester United.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has recently opened up about a time when Giggs pinned Ronaldo to a wall for drinking Coke.
When asked if the now Juventus star’s conduct was not acceptable, the Wales manager replied: “Maybe. I don't know if I pinned him.
"I might have told him, ‘We don’t do this’ and then he went and scored a hat-trick! 'I drink what I want, Giggsy!'”
Giggs went on to become United’s all-time appearance maker with 963 and his longevity is the stuff of legend.
And speaking to the Utd Podcast, he gave a little insight into some of the tricks he learned to help his career.
He said: “I love chocolate and loads of butter on my toast. When I wasn’t playing well or felt a bit sluggish I cut them out completely.
“If I was playing well and having loads of butter I’d carry on. It wasn’t physical, it was mental. It was punishing yourself.
“I had Dairy Milk in the cupboard until I scored.”
Giggs also admitted to receiving abuse by Manchester City fans when he wore tights in a derby game in 2005 to preserve his hamstrings.
“I got all the whistles when I came onto the pitch,” Giggs added.
“Looking back I probably should have just stuck with wintergreen and deep heat. It would be normal now. I was a trend-setter.”
While Giggs took stick for his attire, the Wales manager will not get ribbed on Twitter as he has never had an account.
He added: “We won a game but didn’t play well.
“I came into the press conference and a reporter told me I was trending on Twitter. I thought that would be good. But apparently it wasn’t. I was trending, ‘Giggs out!’
“That’s another reason I’m not on social media. You can just block out that noise. It’s not for me.”