Ryan Giggs is still mighty

RYAN GIGGS was the star of the show for me when Manchester United beat Chelsea. Every young footballer should look up to him.

He was comfortably older than every other outfield player on the pitch, but you would never have thought so in a million years.

The way he went round Jose Bosingwa for the goal, he made him look so average. And he’s a top-drawer right-back, an international.

Giggsy just went past him like he wasn’t there. Great touch, great pace, and the perfect weight on the ball so that Wayne Rooney just had to literally roll it into the net.

Chelsea were unlucky. Frank Lampard missed a sitter and it was a stonewall penalty at the end. It should have been a draw.

But I still don’t think Chelsea are out of it. They always knew they would have to go to Old Trafford and score, so nothing has changed there.

They are not out of it. Not like the other three ties. They are no-contests already with one team totally blown out of the water, which is a shame.

Barcelona are still the favourites. No-one is going to beat them over two legs. Impossible. Over one game, in the final? Maybe.

I don’t think United have been very good this season, but they always perform in big games. If they get there, they will have a chance.

They have players who can hurt Barcelona, and their two centre-halves are better than the two at Barcelona. They will give them a game.

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that Giggs will turn it on again. He’s that kind of player.

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