Giggs: I haven't spoken to Zidane about Bale

The Wales coach revealed that he doesn't discuss things with Zidane due to the language barrier. "If Bale ever needs someone to talk to, I'll be there".
Gareth Bale finds sanctuary every time he is called up by Wales, although he has even started being questioned back home. National team coach Ryan Giggs faced the media this morning and defended Bale, adding that he will always lend an ear if ever the Real Madrid player needs someone to talk to. "'I've always said to him if he wants to speak then I'll listen and be more than happy to help him. He's experienced and professional enough to look after himself. But I'm there if he ever needs to talk to", he said.
Immediately afterwards, Giggs was asked if he had ever discussed Bale's situation or future with  Zinedine Zidane - a question which the Wales coach skillfully sidestepped by explaining that the language barrier impeded them from communicating on a regular basis. "I haven't spoken to Zidane. My French and Spanish isn't too good. That's my way out of that one..." he told one journalist.
But after more insistence as to why he doesn't try talking to Zidane in English, Giggs replied, in a more serious tone: "I know Zidane's English isn't very good from experience. I'm just monitoring the situation. When Gareth gets on camp I will speak to him like I always do".