Ryan Giggs promotes UK tourism - and says his favourite place is LONDON

Former United player, who grew up in Salford and who is about to open Hotel Football near Old Trafford, says Manchester is 'really good' but the capital city 'has everything'
You’d think signing up Ryan Giggs for a tourism video would be a sure-fire way to bring visitors to Manchester and Salford ... especially as he's about to open a hotel here.
But the former United player goes on to admit LONDON is his favourite place in the promo video by Visit Britain - saying it’s ‘got everything you want’.
The Reds’ assistant manager - who this week unveiled his new Hotel Football venue outside Old Trafford, which you can see in the gallery below - does astutely note that Salford people are ‘warm and northern’ - but says London is his favourite place because it ‘has everything’.
In his trademark monotone style, the former winger intones: “My family is here, kids were born in Salford.
“They are warm, Northern people, friendly.
“Manchester is a really good city, obviously the North West in general is really good.”
But Giggs blows his Northern credentials when asked where his favourite place is.
Describing London as ‘on his doorstep’, he says: “Even though it’s on your doorstep, you probably don’t appreciate what a great city it is.
“It’s got everything you want.
“From Manchester it’s only two hours on the train.”
Giggs then goes on to stress how ‘well connected’ Britain is in the excruciating video, describing how ‘in three or four hours’ you can go from London to Wales or Scotland.
The video goes on to promote other destinations including Brighton and Grasmere in the Lake District - and Cardiff, where Giggs was born.
The video was produced by Visit Britain to entice overseas visitors - particularly football fans, who are being encouraged to go to different Premier League matches as a way of seeing the country.
The video featuring Giggs will be used by Visit Britain in online ad campaigns around the world as research shows people coming to see football matches spend on average £200 more than other visitors.
Sally Balcombe, chief executive of Visit Britain said: “Our Barclays Premier League football gives us the perfect opportunity to spread the benefits of inbound tourism across the year, generating economic growth and jobs for our nations and regions.”