Ryan Giggs opens up about 'finding life tough after retirement'

Ryan Giggs has opened up about finding life tough after retiring from football.
The sporting star, 45, played for Manchester United for 23 years before quitting in 2014.
Over the past five years, he’s struggled to adjust to life away from the game.
Speaking at the Pride of Britain Awards, he said: “It is difficult when you’re a player because you finish at an early age. Some players even finish in their early 30s or before that if there’s been an injury. It’s not easy.
“It’s about preparing yourself as best you can for life after football, whether that be coaching, media or other interests.”
Since retiring Ryan has become the manager for Wales and the co-owner of Salford City.
He added: “I haven’t really stopped since I retired. I went into a coaching role and now I’m coaching Wales.”
Ryan has watched a string of players go off the rails after retiring from the game.
Paul Gascoigne and Kenny Sampson are among those to battle booze addiction.
Other players struggle with issues around drugs, debt and gambling.
Ryan wants to see retired players get more support to cope.
He said: “A lot of players need help, especially if they’ve been injured or had to retire.”
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