I can give more passionate team talks, says Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs has admitted that he needs to improve his team talks after being criticised for his “uninspiring” words as caretaker manager of Manchester United.
The new Wales manager came in for criticism in January when footage emerged from the final team talk of his four-game spell in charge at Old Trafford four years ago. It was dismissed by observers as uninspiring, and it was suggested that he needed to be more punchy. And it is something he knows he has to work on.
“Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho are always looking to improve,” Giggs said. “Where do I? I am not a naturally outgoing person. That’s where the pro licence and opposition analysis with the United players helps. Everything just comes with that little bit of experience.”
Coming over as reserved may be one reason why he did not land a club job, after leaving United.
He said he also must get used to the short time he has to work with his Wales players during the international break and the long periods without seeing them. Wales will play Uruguay in the final of China Cup in his second game in charge on Monday and Mexico in their next friendly in late May.
The 44-year-old also highlighted trying to overcome the solitude of the job. “When you shut the door of your office and everyone else has gone home, you’re on your own,” he said. “I learnt a lot when I was manager for the four games at United and about how lonely it was.”
Giggs received a congratulatory text message from Sir Alex Ferguson after Wales beat China 6-0 in his first game on Thursday. He left Old Trafford in July 2016 hoping to go into management immediately but as time went on he was concerned that clubs only wanted an experienced hand. He was once interviewed by Swansea City.
“The atmosphere has changed so much in football,” he said. “It is nine months and five defeats, you’re out. There’s a trend at the moment. You can understand why with managers who have been there and done it. The longer it goes on you think it was more difficult for the reasons I just said as you don’t last very long. But I always thought there was an opportunity.”
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