5 Reasons Why Ballr Hired The Class of 92

This week, Ballr will commence a marketing initiative called The Ballr Tour. We will visit 16 countries with 5 retired footballers, known as 'The Class of 92'.
This group of players need no introduction. They dominated English football for two decades under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson. Ryan Giggs alone won 13 Premier League titles, 2 UEFA Champions Leagues and played 952 times for Manchester United.
This Thursday, the lads join us for episode 1 of The Ballr Tour, touching down in Hong Kong, before heading to Thailand, Cambodia and China. In each city we visit, the Class of 92 will help us spread the word about Ballr. They will play football against local teams and meet fans.
Ballr is a free gaming application, live fantasy sport that connects fans as they watch live football.
But why did we choose this group to help promote our technology company ?

1. In Asia, Liverpool and United dominate.

Whilst we are building a global community of gamers, our strategy is Asia first. We are very interested in markets like India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia where smartphone penetration is exploding. In these markets, two teams have always had a massive majority of fans. Liverpool and Manchester United. The Class of 92 are legends in this region and were an obvious choice for us at Ballr.

2. Content is King

We promote Ballr in partnership with broadcast partners (such as Astro, NOW TV and Viva) and football clubs (such as Juventus and the whole of LaLiga). But the largest source of new players for our app is from social media marketing.
We are filming the entire Ballr Tour and making a documentary about it. Why ? Well, there is a global war taking place to get the attention of consumers across social media channels. We think Ryan Giggs in Cambodia, or Paul Scholes in Mumbai will make interesting video footage as we help build awareness of our brand. Follow the tour on our Facebook page.

3. Mass Market Appeal

The biggest reason we have chosen to work with the class of 92 is the fact that they are respected and recognised by so many football fans, outside of Manchester United.
These superstars were all local lads at United. Ryan, Paul and Gary only played for 1 club in their careers. This does not happen anymore. Clubs spend 100 million for a superstar in 2017.
Gary, Ryan, Phil and Paul are all top TV pundits today. Gary is followed by 3.6 million people on Twitter. These guys won all there is to win, and they are respected outside of one fan base. That is of huge appeal to Ballr.

4. Low levels of ego

You only have to spend a little bit of time with the lads to notice a distinct lack of ego. They are approachable, funny and very likeable.
One of the great things about running a company is only working with people you enjoy being around.

5. Thinking Global

Our mission at Ballr is to connect the world through live sport. We like to think big.
To have global ambition, it helps to have people involved who are recognised across all markets. There are very few individuals in sport who are true global brands. Ronaldo. Federer. Hamilton. Mcgregor. Curry.
We think the Class of 92 is a brand that is truly global, and we believe they have a few fans dotted around this planet who we can convert to our free app for the beautiful game.
Ballr re launches on August 12 for the new season. Download now on iOS and Android.