Tahith Chong names his Manchester United idol

Man Utd winger Tahith Chong has spoken about his love for the club and the player he idolised growing up.
Tahith Chong says he used to pretend he was Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs when he grew up playing football.
The 20-year-old admits he never had an interest in football prior to the 2006 World Cup in Germany but was left in tears when he saw France lose to Italy in the final.
That tournament sparked a fascination for Chong with the game and ever since the youngster has looked to study to the sport at every opportunity, and a fondness for Sir Alex Ferguson's famous 2007/08 squad soon followed.
Although the Dutch youngster cites Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney as two idols he admits it is current Wales manager Giggs who he used to imitate.
The youngster has revealed he dreamt of playing for United and even put himself in the first-team squad on video games.
"When I was young, it helped that on a typical school day, your classes would finish around midday and you’d be done for the day," he told manutd.com.
"Just me, by myself, pretending to be players and saying things like: 'It’s Giggs on the ball.' I loved it.
"There were loads of big players at the time but Giggsy was definitely the one who comes to mind straight away. It was just a fun thing to do as a kid. I would see them on the TV and try to copy their skills. It was really cool.
"Of course, I watched United. They’re a big club and the big games would be on TV. It’s crazy to think back, in the day, when I was playing on the Xbox and I would pick United a lot of the time. They had Ronaldo and Rooney. A good team. I’d create myself as a player, bring myself on and that is just crazy when I think about it now."