Ryan Giggs team-talk role revealed

Louis van Gaal has shared some insight into Ryan Giggs' responsibilities as his right-hand man, revealing the Manchester United legend takes the lead when briefing the players about their opponents.
Giggs has been on the club's coaching staff since the summer of 2013 when David Moyes succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson and after a four-match stint as caretaker boss at the end of last season, the Welshman was retained in the new regime as assistant manager. And while one of van Gaal's compatriots Marcel Bout scouts the opposition, it's Giggs who gets to stand up in front of the squad and deliver the information.
"Yes, he presents it," said van Gaal, in a briefing with the Sunday newspapers.
"My analyst Marcel Bout goes to the [opposition team's] games and gives his analysis and cuttings to Giggs who makes a presentation. I check it, and then Giggs presents it to the players. The next day, we simulate our opponents in the training sessions."
Being asked to ape the opposition was something United's players became accustomed to during the pre-season tour when they impersonated Inter Milan and mimicked Real Madrid among other teams. This week, members of the squad will have been playing like Leicester City under guidance from Giggs and of course van Gaal.
"I always prepare for matches very thoroughly," added the boss. "I have four books about the games Leicester have played already, including the one they lost against a smaller club [Shrewsbury in the Capital One Cup]. I know everything about the team, about their individual players, about the subs who can come into the game, even the atmosphere in the stadium and how they kick the first kick of the match. Everything."