Ryan Giggs sets Anthony Martial new Manchester United challenge

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs wants Anthony Martial to offer more from a defensive standpoint and used Alexandre Lacazette as the example the United forward should follow.
Martial was arguably United's most dangerous player in their 2-0 defeat to Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, though Giggs believes the Frenchman didn't close down the Gunners' defenders.
Lacazette, contrastingly, was impressive for Mikel Arteta's side who shocked United with a razor-sharp first half performance and the visitors were unable to hit back.
And Giggs set the challenge for Martial — who he praised for recent displays in the wins over Newcastle and Burnley — to press opposition defenders.
"That gives a massive lift to the whole team. He sets the tone," Giggs told the Premier League on Lacazette, before moving on to Martial.
"If you’ve got a centre-forward who is harrying, closing defenders down, it’s huge for the midfielders. You see a striker doing that, then you’re up with the play.
"In contrast to Anthony Martial, who I did compliment, who I thought against Newcastle, against Burnley he was like that. But today he wasn’t.Maybe he did press a couple of times and he looked back and the midfielders weren’t as compact as they should be."
Giggs believes Martial's languid style of play can give the effect of someone who "isn't trying", but is a huge admirer of the striker.
"When it comes off it looks as if he’s not even trying and it looks brilliant," he added. "But I think he is a victim of his body language.
"Like I said, the last couple of games he’s really tried. And I’ve felt that as a player, when you’re winning tackles and defending well, then you’re sharper when you do get the ball.
"If you’re a bit sloppy and you’re not really closing down, when you do get the ball you don’t feel as good, you feel lethargic.
"So I think that’s something he needs to do more and more consistently. Because as I say in the last couple of games he’s done it."