Ryan Giggs says 'enigmatic' Eric Cantona was a brilliant teammate both on and off the pitch at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs lauded his former Manchester United teammate Eric Cantona for being brilliant both on and off the pitch.
Cantona was a maverick at United providing some wonderful moments in his five seasons with the club, which also delivered four Premier League titles.
The Frenchman was notoriously unpredictable, though, and who can forget the time he launched himself at a Crystal Palace fan in 1995?
Giggs, who is currently manager of Wales, spoke glowingly about his former United teammate.
He told talkSPORT: “The enigma that was around Eric. The way that he was, he was different early on in the Premier League and we hadn’t seen anything like it.
“As a teammate, he was brilliant. Obviously, on the pitch it is well documented with important goals he came out with. That is the sign of a big player and a great player to come up with the goods when you need it. He so often did.
“Away from that, he was a really good trainer. Whenever we would go out for a meal or a few drinks he would always be there.
“His English was perfect and he would always say to the journalists, ‘I don’t speak English’ but when he was out with us it was no problem at all.”