Ryan Giggs reveals what Robin van Persie did better than anyone else at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs says he had a special telepathy with Robin van Persie which was like no other at Manchester United.
The Welsh legend played with a number of superstars during his time at Old Trafford but says his partnership with Van Persie stood out for special reasons.
In a recent interview the current Wales manager spoke about his transition from playing as a winger into a central midfielder, and in particular how he linked up with the forwards.
Giggs began by hailing the exploits of Javier Hernandez up-front before moving onto Van Persie and his natural understanding of the role.
"Robin van Persie was the best," Giggs told The Coaches' Voice.
Ryan Giggs: Moving into central midfield at Man Utd – Masterclass
"I mean the amount of goals, and the chances, that I tried to make for Robin. Because he knew, 'Giggsy when you get it on your left foot, I am peeling off to run into there (behind the defence).'
"I knew as soon as I got the ball, without even looking sometimes, I am playing the ball here, over the left centre-half's head. I am not worrying where he is, I am not even looking where he is, because I know that is where he is going to end up. So I don't need to look. I just need to play the ball in behind the left centre-half."