Ryan Giggs reflects on career

Ryan Giggs is rightly proud of his remarkable playing career as he prepares to embark on a new chapter as Manchester United's assistant manager.

The most-decorated British footballer hung up his boots after 23 glorious years in the Reds' first team and conducted an exclusive interview with MUTV.

When asked about his greatest achievement, he replied: "Just playing for United has to be the number one. Probably playing more than anybody else too but it's hard. If you win the league, it's special, or if you win the Champions League or the FA Cup. If you win any trophy, it's special so it's hard to pick one.

"It's not for me to say [if I am a legend]. All I can say is that it's nice when people say it and that's all you can say. You can't say 'don't say it' or 'it's not true' or 'it is true.' It's just nice to hear. I'm not going to lie: when people say it, it's good to hear.

"I think first and foremost [I want to be remembered as] the footballer who loved playing for United. The way I played, I tried to entertain and score goals and create goals."

Giggs provided another message of thanks to the supporters who have backed him ever since he broke into the team in the early nineties.

"I've always had a good reaction," he stated. "It gets more and more, the older you get, and that's not only from United fans, but from football fans in general. You go down to London, get a taxi and you get West Ham and Tottenham fans saying: 'I don't like United, but I like you as a player.'

"That sort of stuff is great but United fans are special. Whether it be in the Hacienda and they're praising you for a good game you've had, or whether it be in America, Australia or Asia, they've always been good to me."

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