Ryan Giggs jokes he'd have claimed infamous free-kick he took at the SAME TIME as David Beckham

Ryan Giggs and David Beckham standing over a free-kick would have put fear into most opposition teams.  
Aston Villa were faced with that sight in August 2001 but the Manchester United duo produced something no opposition could have anticipated.
Both Giggs and Beckham took a run up with one of them expected to either fake a shot or run over the ball. But instead, each player struck the ball at exactly the same time.
It was almost the perfect routine with the effort flying towards the top corner, only to be saved by former United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel.
While supporters may have thought the set piece was planned, Giggs confirmed it was an accident and has no idea how it happened. 
'I honestly do not know what happened,' he told Manchester United's official club podcast.
'I can’t remember if we both said “you have it”, which was highly unlikely if it was Becks or if I just thought I’m gonna have it, I honestly don’t know.
'It was an unbelievable strike, it was going top corner. It would have been my goal for a start because I’m older. I would have claimed it most definitely. 
'We would have both gone off celebrating, Becks would 100 per cent. 
'We just laughed at the end of it but it was weird and I haven’t got an explanation for it, Becks might have. 
'I can’t remember if one of us said we’ll run over it, I honestly do not know. It was an accident.'
United drew the match 1-1 after Villa's Alpay Ozalan scored a 90th minute own goal to cancel out Darius Vassell's opener.