Ryan Giggs: The fight against racism will never stop

Wales manager Ryan Giggs admits racism will continue to be a problem within football unless people "keep fighting" against it.
Giggs was disappointed about events which unfolded in Saturday's Manchester derby, as a supporter was arrested for alleged racist behaviour towards United players Fred and Jesse Lingard.
The former Manchester United midfielder suffered racist abuse as a child because his father is black and his grandfather comes from Sierra Leone in West Africa.
Wales manager Ryan Giggs says his side have spoken about the UEFA racism protocol and insists 'you have to keep fighting' against the issue.
Giggs said: "Let's be realistic, it is happening.
"It's about educating, not just football, but culture. A lot of these people - these idiots - aren't football fans.
"It's getting the balance. It's keep on fighting racism, because the fight will never stop. You have to keep fighting. Don't think that it's ever going to go away completely."
The UEFA racism protocol has had to be carried out in recent European qualifiers, including England's trip to Bulgaria, in which warnings are given to the offending fans and if need be, the game can be abandoned.
Manchester United's win against Manchester City was dampened by alleged racist abuse towards Fred and Jesse Lingard
Giggs insists his Wales team have had discussions regarding the issue and have their own plans in place should they wish to enforce them.
He said: "As a group of players, as staff, we need to be ready if something happens.
"The authorities have got this three-step protocol in place but sometimes you have to go beyond that, you have to listen to the players and how they feel.
Wales qualified for Euro 2020 with victory over Hungary last month
"We have got a right tight-knit group and it's something that you don't want to see. Football should be enjoyed and we shouldn't be talking about these issues but it's a reality - there are issues.
"It's a decision to make if it happens, but it's something of course that we have talked about."