Ryan Giggs believes Aaron Ramsey could play for 'anyone in Europe'

In his latest Super 6 Class of '92 Diary, Ryan Giggs discusses Aaron Ramsey's future, Anthony Martial's form and Salford's FA Cup hopes.

'Ramsey will not be short of offers'

I've been asked a lot about Aaron Ramsey leaving Arsenal next summer and all I can say is that when he comes to camp with us he's always ready, he's a great professional and this contract situation has never affected him so far.
Of course you want your players settled but from my point of view it's just a case of him playing regularly, that's all you want as an international manager.
Wherever that may be is obviously out of my hands but I just want him playing.
He won't be short of offers as he's a talented player. He's one of those players that, if he plays a full season, will get 10-15 goals from midfield and that's a very attractive player to have in any side.
He's friends with Gareth Bale so obviously he'll be able to tell him what it's like to play abroad and Aaron's certainly got the talent to play anywhere in Europe but that will totally be his decision.
As long as he's playing regular football, that's all I really care about.

Hoping for Anthony Martial to stay

It's been really good to see Martial hitting top form recently, he's a real crowd favourite and the type of player who gets you off your seat. He's been in really good form.
He's someone I've worked with when I was assistant at United, he's a really good lad, quite shy, a great professional and very talented, plus he's still only young, so from a United fan's perspective we all hope that we keep him.
When you do start scoring your confidence is sky high and you think you can do anything with the ball and, when he is playing well and scoring, you can see in his body language that he's confident and always wants the ball - perhaps he tries things he wouldn't try if he wasn't scoring.

Plenty out of contract at United

Martial is one of a number of players out of contract next summer, with some of the older players it could be a case of 'see how you go and maybe they'll get another year or so' in the summer, but every player is different and there are so many different types of circumstances that it's hard to say if there's a bigger reason behind it all.
With some of the younger players, you never know if the club are willing to let them go or players are holding out for a better deal, and also I think some may have options where the club can take it for another year.
So it is strange that there's so many with their contracts up but, like I say, they're all different circumstances.

Manchester derby memories

With the Manchester derby on the horizon, it reminds me of some of the games I played in - one that really sticks out was the one where we were 2-0 down at Maine Road and came back to win 3-2 as Eric Cantona scored two and Roy Keane got the winner.
There's also the one at Old Trafford that finished 4-3 when Michael Owen scored in the last minute and that was an amazing game.

Salford in FA Cup action

Beating Marine was obviously great and now we have a great tie against Shrewsbury. A couple of years ago we had a good run in the FA Cup, it was really great for the club and the interest that it attracted around the club and gave us a lot more exposure.
From a player's point of view it's great to be playing in the FA Cup and this is what you play the game for.
All of the lads involved in Salford have got a decent history in the FA Cup and have been lucky enough to win it a few times so we know what a special competition it is. The Salford players are looking forward to it and we can't wait to go there and see how far we can get this year.