Ryan Giggs... in 90 seconds

Ryan Giggs was recently described by Sir Alex as "an incredible human being", so it was no surprise he humoured us by answering a few random questions…

Hello Ryan. The boss says that, to still be at the top of the game, you’re an ‘incredible human being’. Do you feel like one?
[Laughs] Not really, no! I feel lucky to be playing with good players. I try to look after myself – you’ve got to at my age. I still feel great and I just enjoy the challenge of playing every week, and I hope I can carry on for a while longer yet.

Who is the best player you’ve played with?
I’ve got to say Scholesy.

What about the best trainer?
Scholesy again.

And who’s the worst trainer?
He’ll get the hump with me, but I’ll go for Pally [Gary Pallister]. He’d take it easy in training and then go out in a game and be brilliant.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen in training?
[Pauses] You’d think after all this time I could think of something – my memory is going! I’ll go for Jim Ryan always getting nutmegged.

We hear you’re pretty lively on the dancefloor, but who would you class as United’s best dancer?
I read Michael Owen said I was the best dancer… but I’ll go for Nani, he’s got some moves.

And who’s the worst?
Nev [Gary Neville].

Most intelligent?

Biggest moaner?
It’s a hat-trick for Nev!

Which player has made you laugh more than any other?
Nicky Butt. You never knew what was coming next.

Most vain?
Cristiano or Becks - they spent a long time in front of the dressing room mirror.

You’re the boss and you’re picking a five-a-side team of players you’ve played with. Who’s in?
Scholesy, Keaney, Eric… this is a really hard one. I’ll go for Ole and Rio or Vida. I can’t choose between them.

You’ve travelled the world, but is there anywhere you’d like to return to when you stop playing?
I’ve always liked going to Eastern Europe. I’ve been all over – Moscow, Volgograd, Kiev, Prague, Budapest… and you see a change every time you go back. I remember the first time I went to Istanbul [in 1993] and the animosity towards us with the ‘Welcome to Hell’ banners. We went back in 2009 and it was totally different, a really lovely place. There are some beautiful cities in Eastern Europe and having only seen most of them from the team coach it would be nice to see a bit more.

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