Nicky Butt: Film is Neville's 'baby'

Nicky Butt has revealed that Gary Neville was the brains behind documentary film The Class Of 92.
The movie, directed by filmmaking brothers Ben and Gabe Turner, centres on the rise of six footballers - David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville and Paul Scholes - and details their careers for Manchester United when they started in 1992.
"It was Gary's baby really. He put it to us all and gave us the chance to speak about it," he said.
Gary's brother Phil added: " The film came about because it's the 20th anniversary of the class of 92. We've all finished our careers aside from Ryan so it seemed the perfect time to get together and tell a story about why we were so successful."
The stars of the pitch hope that the film will have a wider appeal than just for footy fans.
Ryan explained: " It's giving an insight into our careers and an insight to the friendship between the six of us, and the different journeys that we went on. The ups and downs during the time that we were footballers and hopefully people will see a side to us that they haven't seen before."
Nicky said: "We didn't want it to just be a football film... We wanted it to be different and more about friendship, the city, the environment, the musical and political scene in the 90s so it's not just about Man United and football - it's about six friends who were brought up in a buzzing city at the time."
The Class Of 92 will be shown in selected cinemas from December 1, and will be available on DVD from December 2.