Neville backs Scholes & Giggs to play on

A year after hanging up his own boots, Gary Neville is adamant Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes will only join him in retirement when it suits them...

It's like when people ask who's going to replace the manager - it's a waste of time trying to predict it. Ryan will go on for as long as he wants to, and the same goes for Paul. These people are incredible people who defeat time. They've got that much class and quality that they could probably play into their forties at a level that will still give Manchester United a great level of impetus and value.

You're at the point now where they can sit in the centre of midfield and dictate and control the tempo of the match, provide passes that no-one else can, provide moments of quality at the right moment that nobody else can deliver. When you ask how long can they go on, the answer is as long  as they want to. It'll get to the point where it's them who makes the decision, rather than the club.

Because they're being used in  an intelligent manner and not being asked to play every two or three days, they're able to play every week and still produce the running stats of a younger player. I'm mesmerised when I watch the quality and the experience of them, and the longevity. We're witnessing greatness before our eyes.