Michael Carrick tells story about 'genius' Ryan Giggs vs Liverpool's Martin Kelly in 2012

he highly-anticipated release of Michael Carrick's new autobiography, Between the Lines, is here and various anecdotes from it are already emerging.
Most of the 37-year-old's stories are from his time at Manchester United, where he won five Premier League titles in 12 years.
One involves the great Sir Alex Ferguson, with Carrick revealing the legendary manager's emotional retirement speech to United players in 2013 word for word.
Fergie gathered the squad at Carrington and told them he didn't want to retire, but the passing of his wife's sister meant he had to.
Apparently the Scotsman was also angry about his players learning of his retirement through the press rather than from him.
Carrick played under one of football's greatest managers in Sir Alex and also played alongside some of football's greatest players, such as Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo.
His autobiography contains an amazing story about the genius of Giggs from a game against Liverpool in 2012, when the Welshman was 38 years old.
Giggs terrorised right-back Martin Kelly - who was 22 at the time - in the 2-1 win at Anfield, as Carrick explained.
"At United, the very best players were not only driven but also incredibly original, almost revolutionary, in their thinking," he wrote. "One incident that season particularly stood out for me.
"Picture the scene: 0-0 just before half-time at Anfield on 23 September 2012, Giggsy gets the ball and runs down the left wing, targeting Martin Kelly, the 22-year-old right-back playing for Liverpool.
"Giggsy turns back, and I'm there, in space, for the pass, it's made for me, so I scream, 'Giggsy!' He turns back again. 'Giggsy! Yes! Giggsy! Any chance?' I shout again.
"He keeps turning, short and sharp, chopping again and again, constantly moving the ball, taking Kelly away one way and the other, but not passing.
"'For f***'s sake, Giggsy!' Chop, chop, chop, get to the byeline, chop again, and he ends up getting a corner. United fans were going, 'F***ing cross it.'
"The ref blows for half-time after the corner and as we go to the tunnel, I say, 'Giggsy?!' He smiles, gives me a little pat on the back and goes, 'His thighs will be burning. His legs have gone now.'
Kelly had an absolute nightmare against Giggs that day, which just goes to show how good the former United winger was even in his late-30s.