'I think he’ll score two every game' – Giggs hails Manchester United star Greenwood

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has heaped praise upon Mason Greenwood, who is a player so good he looks like “he’s going to score two every game”.
The 18-year-old has already made more than 50 senior appearances for the Old Trafford side, scoring 17 goals and creating five more assists in the process.
He has inherited the No 11 shirt that Giggs wore for the club during his time as a player, which ran from 1990 to 2014, and the Wales boss does not believe that he will buckle under the pressure of wearing such a storied number.
“He’s nearly already scored more goals than I did, so there’s no pressure in that respect. I don’t think he’ll feel the pressure of the number,” he told The Sun.
“He’s a brilliant player, who I don’t think he even looks like scoring every game - I think he’s going to score two every game, he’s  that much of a threat.
“He’s been playing off the right - eventually, I think he will go as a centre-forward - but he needs to go again. Opposition will be aware of him and they’ll be trying to stop him.
“He’s got to find a way to keep improving, which I’m sure he will do because he’s very hard to stop - left or right foot, his movement’s good - and he’s in an attacking team with the likes of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, who can find him.”
Meanwhile, Giggs is looking forward to an international clash with England next month in a friendly encounter.
“Wales against England in football, rugby, or whatever, is huge. And every player will want to be part of that” he said. “So it’s up to me to get the team selection right because then after that we’ve got two tough away Nations League games and we’re top of the group and  want to stay there.
“The lads all want to be involved in the England game. It’s a huge test for us because England are a top team. The players they can draw upon, they’re playing Champions League regularly and are top players, and they prove that.
"So it’s a real big test for us and it’s one we have to have to rise to at Wembley, but we’re a good team as well and we’ve got everyone available, so we’ll give England a good test.
“It means so much to the players and the fans and the country as a whole when we do play the likes of England, so it’ll be an emotional game, but one that obviously we need to use our emotions in the right way.”