Giggs will miss big stage

Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs admits he will miss playing on the big stage when he finally hangs up his boots.
The 37-year-old has surpassed expectations by maintaining his high quality in his third decade at United and is part of the squad to host Liverpool in Sunday's FA Cup tie.
Mentor Sir Alex Ferguson hopes the Welshman will carry on his playing career into next season, a decision Giggs is mulling over, but he admits it is games like Sunday's he will miss.
"I relish the big games even more," Giggs told the Mail on Sunday. "You want to enjoy it and make the most of it at the time.
"When you finish it's the big games which you're going to miss, against Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, the big European games, the atmosphere."
Giggs also revealed Ferguson's tendency to ask for his and other senior players' perception and praised the 69-year-old for moving with the times since taking over in 1986.
He said: "It's probably when you turn 30 [when he starts talking to you more]. When players turn 30 there is that maturity about them and probably the gaffer gives you a lot more respect and asks your views."
Former Wales international Giggs accepts that young footballers coming into the game in 2011's game have things different, but is grateful for the way he was introduced to the profession.
"I was lucky in that I had people around me, I still lived at home and the manager kept an eye on me," he said.
"They probably don't have that now because there are so many players getting good money at a young age, and you have to pay them or they'll go elsewhere.
"That never used to be the case. You don't resent it because things have changed. That's one of the manager's strengths - he moves with the times, realises that football changes."
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