Giggs wants United to play with passion and flair

Ryan Giggs wants his Manchester United team to play with the hallmarks of his own illustrious career.

The Reds’ interim boss is preparing the players for their first game since he took charge earlier this week, and he is demanding that the Old Trafford fans see a United side imbued with the kind of flair, confidence and work ethic we associate with Ryan himself.

“It's going to be my philosophy, the Manchester United philosophy as I've been here for all of my career,” said Ryan at Friday’s press conference. 

“I want players to play with passion, speed, tempo and be brave with imagination,  all the things that are expected of a Manchester United player. To work hard but, most of all, enjoy it. As a player I know if I'm enjoying the game I can express myself a lot more and that's what I'll be asking the team to do tomorrow.

“I'll tell the players just to try to enjoy yourself, express yourself. My immediate aim is to win on Saturday and I felt the way to do that was to make training as enjoyable as I can so they can go out and play. I think we have done that.”

Giggs accepts that United’s season has not reached the standards he would expect, but he is keen to take advantage of three consecutive home games – against Norwich, Sunderland and Hull – to give the Old Trafford faithful a lift before the trip to Southampton closes the campaign on Sunday 11 May.

“It's been a frustrating season for everyone,” he added. “But we win together and lose together and in these remaining four games, I want to bring the positivity back. We have three home games at Old Trafford, where the form hasn't been great, and I want to see goals, tackles, players taking players on and getting the crowd up. I want the passion that should come with being a Manchester United player.”

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