Giggs and Evans hail Manchester United Foundation's work on tour

Reds duo Jonny Evans and Ryan Giggs insist one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of pre-season tours is the opportunity to get involved with activities organised by the Manchester United Foundation.

Foundation events are an important fixture on the tour schedule and this year is no exception. Many of the tour squad have experienced the Foundation's work overseas and seen the fantastic work that the charity do to help people from all different walks of life.

And during Tour 2014, presented by Aon, the players will again take time out to lend their support to the Foundation's work, and it's something the players always enjoy.

"Getting involved in the Foundation's work on tour is definitely something that the lads enjoy doing and are used to doing," Giggs told us. "Wherever you are in the world, you see different levels of poverty and disease, children that are really struggling and the lift that you can give them – whether they are ill or suffering from poverty – is massive.

"When you see the smiles on their faces, it reminds you how lucky you are and it is definitely a big part of the trips when we do go away."

Evans agrees, adding: "Our Foundation does a lot of wonderful work and I don’t think people truly appreciate how much effort they put in. As players we just turn up and do our bit but they work long hours both at home and on tour.

"It's a part of the tours that all the players want to get involved in and it’s great that we can go some way to help put a smile on people's faces."