Forgotten Giggs remembered

Having been with Manchester United for over 21 years, Ryan Giggs  might not have never thought of leaving them. Establishing himself as a left-winger in the early 1990s, Giggs has been an invaluable asset for United.

His consistent performances have won him 12 Premier League winner’s medals, four FA Cup winner’s medals, three League Cup winner’s medals and two Champions League winner’s medals. He also has two runner-up medals from the Champions League, three FA Cup finals and two League Cup finals. Giggs holds the record for the most competitive appearances and is also the only player to score goals in every premier league season till date. The solo goal that he scored in 1999 treble-winning against Arsenal in the FA Cup, on of the best you’ll ever see. Even today, at the age of 39, he still maintains that agility and skill.

Giggs has never been sent off while playing for Manchester United. Though he was sent off once while playing for Wales. He scored in his  900th appearance for Manchester United against Norwich City. After the match,  Alex Ferguson told BBC Sport “it won’t be done again”, keeping in view the a player playing 900 games representing a lone club.

Giggs has been a fundamental element in Manchester United’s success. Who could stay in a club for 22 years and still remain as agile as the youngsters in the team? Giggs also played with 104 players in his overall international career and was the best pick for a free-kick for Manchester United after David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo left the team.

But lately something’s gone awfully wrong. He hasn’t been getting any chances to play in the first-team but is being used an an impact substitute. He has played only 4 matches this season.  Having been termed ‘immortal’ by the fans, why isn’t he getting more playing time?

When he was asked about not getting chances to play in the first team, he replied,” As long as I’m enjoying it, playing my part and playing well then I’ll carry on.”

Giggs is one of the best players in Manchester United and he will remain forever in the hearts of a Manchester United fan.

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