Ryan Giggs reveals love of daytime television quizzes

Manchester United's new assistant manager Ryan Giggs has revealed that one of his favourite ways to relax in the afternoon is to watch television quiz shows.
The Welshman has given an insight into his four-game stint as United manager following the dismissal of David Moyes in April.
ITV cameras followed the 40-year-old's life for a month for a documentary called Life Of Ryan: Caretaker Manager after he took on the interim role.
During the programme, Giggs revealed that he enjoys time to "escape" after training by watching quiz shows.
"I have a little two hours where, you know, well I used to anyway, just get home from training," Giggs told the cameras. "You relax, just put my feet up - I like my TV programmes, a bit of escapism, but I also like my quizzes.
After his daughter Liberty revealed that Eggheads and The Chase are among Giggs's favourites, the retired midfielder said: "I'm trying to broaden my horizons, I like quiz shows."