Don't forget Ryan Giggs, the footballer

Amidst all the recent scandal surrounding Ryan Giggs, it seems the world is beginning to forget why Giggs got where he is today.

A product of Manchester United's youth system, Giggs was one of Alex Ferguson's first youth prospects starting his professional career in 1990, only 17 at the time! Ironically, he earned his place in the team at this young age because of the maturity he showed.

During his peak years, Giggs was a Manchester United regular, playing almost every match for the side. It was his pace, technical skill, ability to cross the ball and finishing that got him the opportunity to be able to cement himself as a regular for 21 years and still counting.

He managed to stay an integral part of the squad, even as he became older and perhaps lost the pace he had during his peak years.

He changed his role to a more versatile, technical wide midfielder, using all the abilities he received with his experience to adopt a new playing style, which perfectly suited him as he got older.

This permanent fixture in the squad and his level-headed personality created a Mr Stable image, which inspired young footballers around the world.

There was absolutely never any controversy surrounding Giggs, both on and off the football field. In fact, till date Giggs has never received a red card while playing for Manchester United.

He brought experience to a young Manchester United squad, experience that was constantly showered with praise by Ferguson. However, in the recent scandal, Giggs' image has been tarnished forever.

Nevertheless, Ryan Giggs has brought so much to the game, both on and off the pitch, and his gifts as a player and a mentor should never be forgotten.

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